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stuck at "Waiting on Connection" on both systems

edited April 2014 in Troubleshooting
Two PCs, running Windows 8.1 on both. Purchased easy transfer cable from Best Buy. Fired right up with EasySuite software and initiated file transfers with no issues. Challenge is the updates are manual and no ongoing sync capability. Purchased Bravura Easy Sync Computer software for the ongoing sync of Custom Folders. Install successful on both systems, came up and hung up at "Waiting on Connection" on screen of both systems. Submitted support request to Bravura.

Anyone have any ideas? Don't see cable in Devices on either systems, but EasySuite didn't need it to work. Something else?



  • No response since I purchased product. Not in forum, not in support case submitted, not in requested update to support case. Really? Requested reimbursement and no surprise, no response there. :(
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