Remote access control

Hello Team
If I'm not wrong, administrator can access to a machine linked to Optitune without confirmation by end User.
Is there any possibility, option to only allow access after user validation ?
Many thanks


  • Hello Team,
    Anyone have any idea ? is it possible to allow only access after End-User validation ?
    Many thanx for any response.
  • Currently that is correct, you can however set it to show a notification message to the end user whenever an administrator connects to their computer. This is configured under "Remote Support" > "Settings" in the management console.
  • Hi,
    Thanks for your quick feedback.
    So if I mean, if I want to disable remote acces from Admin consol, I need to set the 1st field to "Disable" (see capture as below).
    Then, any Admin could not access remotely, without End-User validation.
    So, if any assistance needed, End User can use Request Remote Assistance from local machine and Admin can access to machine throug Remote support, is it correct ?
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