HaloPSA integration failing to connect - invalid credentials

Attempting to set up an integration with HaloPSA and followed the steps from the integration guide here: https://manage.opti-tune.com/help/site/articles/using/server-settings/integrations/halo.html
However, the integration is failing every time with the error message: "Failed to connect to HaloPSA Manage, invalid credentials"
I've double-checked all of the setting options, recreated the API application and credentials multiple times but no change.
Any known issues with this, or anything that might help me find the cause?


  • bravurasoftbravurasoft Redmond, WA
    We have a known issue with the halo psa integration, when the halo instance is using a different login server from the resource server, it fails to connect. We will be fixing this in the upcoming 7.0 release of OptiTune, due in a few weeks time.
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