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I only want to drag & drop a few folders from my main desktop computer "documents" area to my laptop, but....the documents area does do expand to allow me to select the folders I want to transfer. How do I do this?
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  • I only want to drag & drop a few folders (on the C Drive under "documents") from my primary desktop computer to my new computer on its "D" Drive.
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  • Easy Computer Sync Software

    It is obvious that Bravura Software is thinking primarily “Syncing” although they say clearly that you can “drag and drop.” Yes, you can drag and drop but here is how you have to do it. They don’t make it “easy” after all.

    The gotcha: Drag and drop C drive to C Drive OR D drive to D drive. You CAN NOT drag and drop C drive (old computer) to D drive (new computer).

    That sucks because many of you out there, like me, have an “old” computer with ONE drive in it…a C drive. Probably an old 2TB SATA drive.

    What I also have is an external 2TB SATA (Western Digital) drive (on the old computer) that I use to capture my Acronis backups.

    Environment as of Today (August 24, 2022)
    Old Computer: Internal Drive C and an external Drive D (used for Acronis backups) as explained above.
    New Computer: Internal SSD 1TB Drive C (the workhorse) and an internal (yes an internal) 2TB SATA Drive D for large files like “pictures, video’s, etc., Data in other words.

    The “New Computer” is how most of the past couple of years has been the norm. In the future I believe we will see SSD drives for C and SSD drives for D as well. I personally will still be using drive D for “data.” It is also possible the SSD drives will be so big we won’t have to have more than one drive. For what it is worth I will still use external drives for my Acronis backups. I don’t like the cloud…to many problems in my humble opinion. I have multiple external drives for backups. That gives me the option of having “off-site” backup. Crucial in today’s environment.

    Oh, so what did I do to get the drag and drop to move my “data” from old computer drive C to new computer drive D with the Easy Computer Sync software?

    Step one: Copied the “Video’s” folder from old computer drive C to my old computer external D drive. Yes, still using the old computer at this point. Extra time but it worked.

    Note: On the C drive make sure you write down the size of the folder (37.1GB in my case), the number of files (645 files) and number of folders (56). Be sure after the next step you check that you got the same numbers after the next step.

    Step two: Use the Easy Computer Sync software since now you have a “D” drive from the old computer that you can move the “data” for the “Video’s…in my case” to the D drive on the new computer.

    I am not sure it is any faster than using a SSD external drive to copy (the data) from the “old computer C Drive” and then insert the SSD drive in the new computer and copy the data to the “new computer D drive.”

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