Renamed PC

When I rename a pc after the install, It doesnt update the computername


  • bravurasoftbravurasoft Redmond, WA
    Normally, it will take up to 24 hours to see this change reflected in the OptiTune console
  • Oke, didn't know that. Thanks for the information
  • I'm new to this program, where do you rename the pc?
  • Let me rephrase that. I ment renaming in the program like an AKA or Alias. This was answered via email from Matt Block. "There is currently no native way to rename a computer directly from OptiTune, but you can of course do this from a script or other method. It will take up to 24 hours for a computer name change to show up in OptiTune."
  • bravurasoftbravurasoft Redmond, WA
    Yes, thanks for posting that here. Currently, you need to rename a PC in a script or other external method, and then the name change will show up within 24 hours. We have it on our backlog to add a feature to do this and/or provide a "display name" field that you could use as an alternative, if you don't want to rename the PC, but want to see a different PC name in OptiTune.
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