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Can't find Users folders drag and drop Windows 8 laptop

edited February 2013 in Troubleshooting
Hi everyone.

I'm using Easy Computer Sync to transfer files from my desktop Windows Vista machine to my laptop Windows 8. Formerly I had to use an external hard drive as a half way house and the cable transfer with drag and drop is much more convenient. Looks good so far.

Just a couple of issues. Firstly the Users folders (and hence my Documents folder) doesn't show up on my laptop on Drag And Drop. That's no great hassle as I can copy to a Temporary folder and then move files after disconnecting, and since moving files on the same partition is more or less an instantaneous process it's not a hardship.

The other thing I found was that when my screensaver kicked in on my laptop and I pressed Spacebar to return, I lost all my files in the folder being transferred. Odd.

Just mentioning in case someone wants to look into it. I can live with both. It's still much more convenient than using an external hard drive.
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