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Currently you can build Windows update policies and apply at any level however there is no easy way to see which policy is applied or which device(s) have a custom policy other than to start drilling down from the top level. As you can apply update policies down to an individual device you must provide an overview page that shows the windows update polices and how they are applied throughout the organisational structure.

With different update requirements for servers and workstations I need the ability to build ‘named’ windows update policies and apply such ‘named’ policies to Organisations covering all options Organisations, Customers, Departments, Sites, Groups, Servers and computers etc.

I would also like the ability to apply more than one policy to an entity, for example critical updates on a daily basis with non-critical updates say monthly.

I would like a button to apply updates when viewing the various pages within the updates section. This should be able to apply updates for a single device or any Organisations, Customer, Departments Site or Group.

The Windows Updates Overview page shows the number of updates required for each category, important, critical, rollups etc. Here you can drill down to see the required updates and drill down again to see which systems require an update. At every level I would also like to see the button to apply the updates available.


  • Thank you for your feedback! Those are some great points. We are already looking at adding a "policy" configuration primitive, where you can set the various configuration settings and assign them to a policy, and then assign the policy to various groups.

    But, it will be implemented internally as hidden groups. You can accomplish this already just by creating a "group" for each "policy" you want to create, and then assign computers to the group. But, policies would be a more elegant way to do this.

    You can see the configuration end result for any computer by going to "Server Settings" > "Advanced Settings" > "Diagnostics" > "Inspect Computer Configuration", and this will show you the final result of making configuration changes to the various groups.

    That is also a great idea about an "Update Now" button, we have received this feedback from other customers as well, and have it on our list for a future release.

  • Great, I look forward to your future release
  • bravurasoftbravurasoft Redmond, WA
    The button to immediately install windows updates is now implemented as a system task, which you can deploy using the "favorite tasks" feature from the computer details page
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