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Cannot get anything to generate an alert

I've been trying to test out the monitoring section of OptiTune but I'm not having much luck. Just for giggles, I enabled all categories of alerts for all computers. Yep. Every checkbox that existed is enabled for all computers.

But sadly no alerts are being generated at all. I have to be doing something wrong... right?

As an example, I installed FireFox on my laptop which is a monitored client and then removed it. No alerts generated even though that's supposed to be one of the monitored events.

Is there a checkbox or something I'm missing here?


  • Yes, you will need to create a "Subscription" (under Monitoring > Subscriptions), and select the event categories and event severities that the subscription is for, and who to notify. The reason you have to create a subscription to receive alerts is that there are so many different events, you could be overwhelmed with alerts if everything was turned on by default.
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    I wasn't exactly clear in my original post. I did in fact create a subscription (pictured) about 12 hours ago. I have received no alerts except for the admin portal login alerts. The All Computers group has 14 computers in it and I have added and removed software on several of them to try and trigger an alert. No luck. The only two are the admin portal login notifications.
  • Update: Now starting to get some alerts. Definitely not as many as I thought I'd be getting, but they're beginning to trickle in. It's almost like each endpoint was taking its time in getting the new settings to begin sending events
  • What you describe makes sense, as most of the OptiTune alerts are triggered when the management server receives information from each OptiTune agent. The OptiTune agent will only upload some information every 4, 8, or 24 hours.

    For example, it will only upload hardware information every 24 hours, so alerts for this type of information may occur with such a delay. You can see the polling intervals if you look at a particular computer's configuration at "Server Settings" > "Advanced Settings" > "Diagnostics".
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