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How do I add multiple events to an Event Category or see what events are in an Event Category?

Title says it. I made a custom event category called "Hardware Anomalies" that I want to use to track 5 of the pre-defined events. When I select the checkbox on each of these and hit "Edit", it only brings me to an edit menu for one of the events. I can tick the checkbox to add it to Hardware Anomalies which works, but only for that one event.

This will be annoying to do for each and every event Category I wish to create, but i can tolerate that. The problem is that I cannot tell which events have been added to an event category and which ones haven't. Under Hardware Anomalies, all I can see is its name and a description and that it has 2 events in it. However, I can't see WHICH events are in it.

Is there something I'm doing wrong or is this working as intended because it's very frustrating to use and figure out what event is in each event category.


  • A good point, we do need to update the interface for managing custom event categories and events. But yes you are correct, unfortunately right now you have to click on an individual event and then click on a checkbox to assign it to various categories.
  • How can you determine which events are in an event category?
  • Currently, you would have to go to the "Events" page, and then sort by category. But, you make a great point, and we will add a page where you can see which particular events belong to each category.
  • Glad to see you guys responsive to feedback. :)
  • This is now implemented in OptiTune 5.6
  • Dang you guys don't mess around. Great work!
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