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Report Readers not able to login

I have created 2 users as report readers. Is there a different login for them? when they go to manage.opti-tune.com/console/login.aspx and enter their username and password, it just returns them to the login screen. Using the wrong credentials generates an error.


  • You are probably trying to login to a URL that they don't have permission to view. Can you try closing the browser and opening it again, and then just navigate to https://manage.opti-tune.com/console/ without any extra parameters?
  • The same thing occurs.
  • In almost all cases where we've seen this, it was caused by the browser trying to redirect to a restricted URL that the report user cannot access, hence it prompts for new credentials.

    Can you verify this on a different browser or different computer? If it is still happening, email us the details at customer_support@bravurasoftware.com, with the name of the Report Reader account you are trying to login with.
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