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Stuck on connection screen

edited June 2013 in Troubleshooting
Two laptops XP and Windows 8

Installed software. Seemed to "take"...Icon on desktop...task manager on both computers say East Computer Sync is running.

With connected cable...."waiting for connection"...

Went to device manager on both NOT see "transfer cable" below "System Devices"????

Running cable straight to usb...

When I plug/unplug plays a sound like it recognizes something ..


Now the cable I am using is a "Transfer cable" from "Gearmo"...that I bought about a month ago to allow me to transfer data from my old (XP) to my new (W8) laptop.
It came with "EasySuite" installed (somewhere)...and I installed EasySuite on both laptops.

Curiously when I plug in the cable the W8 computer opens to a box that asks me what I want to do with the Disc on D drive...
One option is to run EasySuite...and the third option is to "do nothing"...which is what I selected..
On the XP ,machine the "EasySuite" window appears automatically.

I want to use your product...any ideas what to do? Sounds like EasySuite and your product are conflicted?? Maybe I need to disable uninstall EasySuite???

Thanks in advance..


Any help appreciated..


  • If you finish with the software installation why you left the disc in the D drive for?
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