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Automatically update apps with OptiTune?

edited January 2018 in Automation/Scripting
My desired end state would be to compile a list of non-Microsoft software that OptiTune can keep up to date. For example, I have 10 clients with Chrome version 63. Google releases Chrome version 64. I want OptiTune to check the version of the installed software, remove it if it's out of date and replace it with the newer version. And I want it to do that in an automated, configurable fashion.

Right now, I setup a task to install Chrome every day at 5am on a group of test computers. The task executed, but the conditions stated that it was merely looking for the Chrome folder in Program Files. Finding the Chrome folder, it deemed that there was no work to do.

This all appears to be working as intended. But what I'm looking for is a solution that would let me assemble a list of software that OptiTune would check the versions of and then install a new version if needed.

Is this possible with OptiTune?


  • You can do this with OptiTune, but manual work is needed, since the way each application is updated is different. Many applications now will keep themselves updated automatically, others have automatic ways to patch, others still require manual patching.

    Basically, you would need to develop a simple script to do this, and run the script at regular intervals. You could also deploy this as an install task, but a script would probably be more straightforward, and you could see the command prompt/powershell output.
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