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Computers not automatically assigned to group (Customized agent setup)

I tried to deploy agent with customized installer but computers are not automatically assigned to the group they are supposed to be. Group name is a customers type group called 'ITG' and the client id is 'itg'.
Even, if I try with the below command it does not work:
OTService.exe /checkinstall cserv://manage.opti-tune.com/client "ITG"
Any idea on this ?

Kind regards.


  • There could be many reasons for this - if you created a plain group (not a business entity), then the group won't have any membership rules. If you created it as a company/site/customer/ etc... then it will automatically have a membership rule based on the generated ID for the group, in this case "itg".

    If the computer is currently already registered in OptiTune, then it likely won't work as well. Was the computer you ran the custom agent on completely new to OptiTune?
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