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Powershell seems broken

Several commands don't seem to be executing correctly. Here is the output of a few fairly normal powershell commands (nopowershell.txt is from the OptiTune console).

Here are those same commands run directly from the workstation in question (localpowershell.txt)


  • Hey... any thoughts on this?
  • bravurasoftbravurasoft Redmond, WA
    Sorry for the delay getting back to you, we will try to reproduce this to debug it. We should get back to you in another day or so.
  • Any progress on this one?
  • bravurasoftbravurasoft Redmond, WA
    Again, we apologize for the delay getting back to you. We've been able to reproduce this with certain commands, like the ones in your attachment, and are working on a fix for the next release of OptiTune, due in 3-4 weeks. We will post back here with more information, if you have any other questions in the meantime, you can also contact us at customer_support@bravurasoftware.com
  • bravurasoftbravurasoft Redmond, WA
    To give you more background, the issue is that the OTPowerShell.exe executable included with the OptiTune agent was compiled for 32-bit systems. Some of the power shell modules are only available on 64-bit systems, and in this case would produce the errors you described. We've attached a beta copy of the new "OTPowerShell.exe" executable. You can try copying it to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Bravura\Optitune\ServiceClient\OTPowerShell.exe" (replacing the existing version, or you can rename the old version first). Then, run the OptiTune remote powershell again, and let us know if you can use those other commands.
  • Hey thanks for the response. Appreciate this very much.
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