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Remote Assistance & Remote Connect Improvements

Here are some suggestions for improved remote access to devices:
  • Multiple Monitor Support
  • When opening a remote connection windows have the organization and endpoint name identified (so you can identify an endpoint if you have multiple sessions open at once.
  • Allow for sub accounts (free or charged). Allow for the addition of a sub account that would allow for "remote access only" that could be provided to customers for use.
  • Allow for password autofill (if stored in custom field in OTT?)
  • Auto-lock remote machine on disconnection.
  • Expose Ctrl+Alt+Del without having to go under a menu.
  • Remote printing.
  • Drag and drop file transfer.
  • Lock keyboard and mouse on remote side as needed (Is this Disable Input under Tools Menu? Could not find anything about this in documentation).
  • Option to add small pop up on remote side to indicate a remote session is in process from support technician (that shows identifiable information).
  • Chat Feature.
  • Launch remote connection from one page (do not load a different web page in OTT control panel.
  • Allow Shift+Arrow (multi-select) to work & Mouse Scroll Wheel.
  • Remote connection from Android or IOS device.
Thanks for the opportunity to make these suggestions.


  • MavenMaven Grand Rapids, MI
    In addition to the above suggestions…
    • Improvements to the reliability, connection speed, etc. (I would assume these are a given :-] )
    • Functionality with headless endpoints (no monitor)
    • The addition of sub accounts. I would assume a small charge for this. This would give us the ability to allow remote access to an individual endpoint(s) to and end user as needed. The interface would limit their access to RMM features and only allow remote access features.
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