Autoresolve Alerts

Would it be possible to provide an option, I assume not everyone would want this but where alerts can auto-resolve when the reason for the alert is no longer valid.
For example we regularly get errors about windows updates that fail to install, often by the time we get to check the machine its been rebooted, or another dependency has installed and the failed update has installed successfully, therefore the alert is just resolved.
Also valid for signature out of date on the antivirus, this usually resolves itself when the machine is next online.
We should still be able to see them and potentially get notifications saying the issue is resolved but it would reduce the noise with larger networks.


  • bravurasoftbravurasoft Redmond, WA
    A great suggestion! We actually have this on our list, as we will be refining the concept of alerts further. The alert is a one time event, but we will be introducing Alarms, which can be activated or not activated.
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