Command Line Error 1639

Lectori Salutem,
I'm trying to install a MSI on a computer through Applications/Install Task. Each and every time I get an error 1639 in return. It has worked with the same parameters before. I've also tried to create a .bvx package but it has the same results.
The application is:
The commandline args are:
/qn /log C:\ProgramData\CDM\CDM2_19_0_1_Install.log
Running the above on the command line on the machine itself (either with or without the msiexec.exe) works a treat but not from Optitune.
What am I missing? I've ended up scripting a download and install function and did it that way but surely that's not why there's the 'Install Tasks' under the 'Application' section... right? If anyone can push me in the right direction that would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks for your time.

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