Deleted Files and/or Folders

I use ECS to synch folders/files between my laptop and netbook. If i move or delete a file or folder on one platform the next time I sync the deleted item is back on both platforms. It is very time consuming to review the recycle bin on the platform i was active on, then delete the file on the other platform before synching. Also, this doesn't help with moving files/folders.

Is there a way ECS can pick up these moves/deletions during synch?


  • bravurasoftbravurasoft Redmond, WA
    We are going to add "synching deletions" (which will also cover renames) to the next version of Easy Computer Sync. However, because it isn't the expected behavior for most users, it will be an option that you have to turn on. For example, if a user deletes everything in "My Pictures" on computer A, expecting the files from computer B to be transferred to it, what would happen is it would delete all files of the same name on computer B! So, it is a tricky feature to implement.
  • Thank you. I look forward to this future feature.
  • I'd be very interested in this feature too. In fact, I would expect from the beginning that "synchronization" means that after the procedure both synchronized folders are identical, and both new files and deletions are passed on to the other computer. The way it works currently is confusing to me.
  • When do you anticipate the release of the update containing the deleta/move/rename feature(s)?
  • Hi I use many software products for Windows. They are very simple in installation.
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  • I also want to avoid having deleted files restored on synchronization.
    Can the software be set for one-way sync?
    That would solve the problem.
  • Dear bravurasoft
    When can we have "synching deletions" feature? It has been 4 years since you first promised. When setting the Synchronization Options to "Only to other computer" , I thought it's going to make the destination exactly the same as the source. But the destination ended up different with the source. It's not a synchronization! It just merged the source with the destination. There should be an option of "Only to other computer, with deletions".

  • bobosbbobosb Lewes,East Sussex,UK
    I also have the same same problem and find I have to delete all the unwanted files manually so that they do not get propagated back. The other Sync programs that I have used Allway Sync and GoodSync both satisactorily propagate deletions but the first is very slow and the second very expensive and rather 'fussy'. This would be GREAT if it had a 'Propagate Deletions' Option. When can we have it ? Incidentally, being super careful I also back up to an HDD. Someone commented that you cannot use ECS with an. If I connect the HDD to the Target computer then the control computer can 'see' it and sync can take place as required.
  • I just bought a Plugable Windows Transfer Cable with Easy Computing Software so I can mirror the files on my master computer to a 2nd computer. I currently use SyncToy2.1 and it works great, but keeping a wireless network operating is the problem. If ECS could delete files, so the 2nd computer mirrored the first (instead of just merging files), it would be fantastic and very useful for my needs. Since you promised to add Syncing Deletions in June 2011, I assume that improvement is not coming. Do you have an update?
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