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edited September 2016 in Easy Computer Sync - General
Is it possible to network 2 computers? I would like to access the printers on my desktop from my laptop.


  • vaughanatworld
    I am looking for ethernet over USB for windows 7/8/10 to/from windows 7/8/10 (VMware/Xen physical to vm) ; windows to/from linux (VMware/Xen physical to vm); bds to from linux (iSCSI application).

    I was hoping the usb file transfer cables could do the job nicely. USB 2.0 is adequate. I see USB 3.0 transfer cables are coming on market.
    It looks like the same chip family (USB 2 Host-to-Host bridge) Prolific PL-25A1 is used in most if not all the the cables.

    What I need are USB drivers that RNDIS can find and use as ethernet ports.

    Does anyone know of any drivers for these cables/chips?
  • vaughanatworld
    Correction on the popular chip number: Oti2208 .

    I am having trouble getting a datasheet on this chip. Anyone know where to get a copy?
  • bravurasoft
    Redmond, WA
    "Prolific Technology" is the manufacturer of the chipset in the Easy Transfer Cable.


    They may have a network driver for this chipset, or another cable that would work for your scenario.
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