Testing it out

I have been a Soluto user for some time to support my customers, I am currently testing Optitune, it has a quite nice feature set, I have a few requests to see if the features are even on the radar, if the feature is already available and I missed to please let me know

1. remote deployment such as e-mailing the user a link to install it
2. Remote access via console with out customer request (sometimes customers give me a window of time to take care of issues)
3. ability to remove are delay programs from boot
4. ability to monitor and edit browser homepage, default search engine and tool bars.
5. ability to monitor and clear junk files on hard drive

I think that is all for now



  • Hi:

    Actually all of those features are planned for a future release. #3-5 will be part of the system "tuneup" feature. Currently we are about to release a new version in the next few weeks which includes scripting (batch, powershell, perl, python, etc...), system tasks (restart, shutdown, sleep, restart service, kill process, etc...), and geo-location (showing the physical location of computers on a map). The features you describe are planned for the release after next, in approx. 4-6 months.

    Best Regards
    Bravura Software LLC
  • That would be awesome, the current solution I use is in limbo so it would be great to have a service that provides those ietms
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