Current List of compatible Anti-virus/Anti-spyware?

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Is there a current list of anti-virus/anti-spyware that can be monitored with OptiTune? What about documentation or a how-to configure this feature to work with specific endpoint protection? Just started tested this out and would love to see it compatible with common anti-virus software I run into on clients machines, like AVG and others.


  • bravurasoftbravurasoft Redmond, WA
    Currently OptiTune is compatible with all Microsoft based antivirus software
    • Microsoft Security Essentials
    • Microsoft Forefront Endpoint Protection 2007
    • Microsoft Forefront Endpoint Protection 2010
    • Windows Defender (Windows 8 or above)
    • System Center Endpoint Protection

    Note that on Windows 8, 8.1 and 10, Microsoft now includes its Windows Defender as part of the operating system, so you don't have to install 3rd party antivirus software.

    We have plans to target the next 3 most popular vendors for the next release.
  • Hello.

    Under the Endpoint Protection section I notice the 'Monitoring Supported' column has a red 'X' on each machine. Additionally, the 'Antivirus' and 'Realtime Antispyware' column has yellow 'exclamation points' on each machine.

    My end users are protected using AVG CloudCare. Is this not available for Opti-Tune to monitor? If not, when?

  • Anyone? Bueller... Bueller... Bueller...
  • Do you think eset will work?
  • bravurasoftbravurasoft Redmond, WA
    Currently, only the Microsoft Antivirus products are supported:

    •Microsoft Security Essentials
    •Microsoft Forefront Endpoint Protection 2007
    •Microsoft Forefront Endpoint Protection 2010
    •Windows Defender (Windows 8 or above)

    With Windows 8, 8.1, 10, and Server 2016, they all now come with Microsoft's antivirus solution for free.

    Please suggest your preferred antivirus product, and we will look into adding full support for it in a future release.
  • Hi there,

    What three anti-virus vendors are you considering adding? I would like to make a suggestion for Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection. They tend to be very developer friendly so I imagine you'd find a willing partner with them.
  • Thanks, we will take a look at adding support for Malwarebytes. You are definitely not the first person to ask for integration with this vendor either.
  • sugarmillpcssugarmillpcs Sugarmill Woods Florida
    Checking in for an update on this issue. Would like to see monitoring for any of the major antivirus packages. Avast, Emsisoft, BitDefender, Avira, MalwareBytes, etc. Any timeline?
  • bravurasoftbravurasoft Redmond, WA
    We are planning to add support for multiple AV vendors by the end of the summer. Currently, we are working on some backup integrations which will be coming in the next month or so.
  • sugarmillpcssugarmillpcs Sugarmill Woods Florida
    By any chance would BackBlaze be on the list for backup integration?
  • bravurasoftbravurasoft Redmond, WA
    Currently it is not, but we will add it to the list. We will be focusing on integration with various AV and backup products this year.
  • Can you add BitDefender Endpoint Security?
  • bravurasoftbravurasoft Redmond, WA
    BitDefender and Kapersky should be the first ones we add support for this year!
  • Malwarebytes Please!
  • It says you monitor Windows Defender but I get this:
    Current Endpoint Protection
    Product Name: Windows Defender
    Product Version:
    Product Installed Date:
    Monitoring Supported: No
    Realtime Antivirus Protection: Unknown
    Realtime Antispyware Protection: Unknown
    Last Quick Scan:
    Last Full Scan:
    Engine Version:
    Signature Version:
    Signature Date:
  • bravurasoftbravurasoft Redmond, WA
    This indicates that the agent was unable to find Windows Defender on the machine, and fell back to the WMI detection method. There may be a problem with the Windows Defender installation. Or, feel free to contact us at for further assistance.
  • Buenos días, van a agregar soporte para ESET y Avast?
  • sugarmillpcssugarmillpcs Sugarmill Woods Florida
    Checking in for an update... at last year's check you indicated end of summer 2018 for multiple AV vendor support. Also there was mention of expanding backup integrations, but only see cloudberry. Anything to update there as well?
    Thanks in advance!
  • bravurasoftbravurasoft Redmond, WA
    Sorry, we are still working on integrations with other AV and backup vendors. Other features became higher priority, but hopefully we will have more AV and backup integrations in Q4 2019.
  • sugarmillpcssugarmillpcs Sugarmill Woods Florida
    Checking in again on endpoint security/antivirus monitoring. What other features can be higher priority than the security of the machines we are monitoring?
  • bravurasoftbravurasoft Redmond, WA
    Again, we apologize that more integrations with AV and backup have been delayed. Due in the next v6.2 is a new REST API for automating most activities in OptiTune, and integrating OptiTune with other systems.
  • Is Webroot on the list as well?
  • Hello any update on this? Bitdefender, eset, Kaspersky, TredMicro, McAfee, Symantec?
  • While integrating with 3rd-part antivirus products is a good goal to have, I just want to thank you for integrating with Windows Defender initially, because you seem to be one of the only RMMs that do so (surprisingly!). Thank you!
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