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Stuck on connection screen

edited April 2014 in Troubleshooting
I received the Easy Transfer cable and software. I installed software on both computers (XP). One is an online computer, the other is not. I have reinstalled software. I have changed to various ports directly in the CPU. It still says "Waiting for Connection". Now what do I do???


  • Plug the Easy Transfer Cable into both computers. On each computer, go to "Device Manager", and look for the Easy Transfer Cable device. There shouldn't be an exclamation mark next to the Easy Transfer Cable device.

    If you cannot see the Easy Transfer Cable in device manager on either computer, we can do further troubleshooting.
  • Both computers show the Easy Transfer Cable and no exclamation point.
  • Are there any other ideas?
  • Can you try unplugging all other non-essential USB devices from both computers, including USB hubs and printers. Just leave your keyboard and mouse plugged in. Also, make sure the Easy Transfer Cable is plugged in directly to each computer.

    If this doesn't work, we can send you specific instructions to retrieve the debug logs for us to analyze. You can contact us directly at in this case.
  • Yah! That worked! I have my computers synchronized. So wonderful to do this without a bunch of flashdrives. Thanks so much!
  • jagarden wrote:
    Are there any other ideas?
    jagarden wrote:
    Yah! That worked! I have my computers synchronized. So wonderful to do this wilooks on the dri a bunch of flashdrives. Thanks so much!
    Ihave the easy transfer cable. Download the CD software. Device mgr shows easy transfer cable on the old computer but not on the new one. I c that it looks like it tried to download the software and then quit.
    Please help
  • Connected both computers with the sync cable and downloaded both programs, than I got it to run. it gave me three choices (I just picked the first one, (didn't know what the other two was for)?, So it takes about 45 minutes to transfer, than I get a large box that say's "can't transfer anything"????

    my old computer has a box and it read's "the transfer did not complete successfully" WTF!!! i spent a lot of time getting both computers set up, the money and set a day and a half to transfer, (might as well transfer the old fashion way) and it is useless, know i got to wait for someone to write a reply so i can get help? where is the customer support phone no? that i saw in the reviews in amazon . com??
    sign frustrated
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