Performance now showing data even after enabling it

I´ve started a Trial of your solution and everything is going well, except that it doesn't matter on what computer I deploy your agent, I do not get any performance information.
On an Amazon Machine, everything is blank and the agent can´t even detect the amount of RAM available, and the performance charts are empty.
On my own machine, the agent does get the right amount of RAM, but the performance charts are empty.
I´ve read the documentation and the other topic about this issue and I have enabled performance monitoring, with an update interval of 30 seconds, for both my Group All Computers and also individually for each and every computer, but so far no charts are showing any information about performance.

Can you help me out sort this?

Thank you very much for your attention,


  • There may be a delay of up to 4 hours from when you enable performance data collection, until you see it become available. For realtime performance information, you can also use the Task Manager tool in the computer details screen.

    Let us know if it's more than 8 hours since you've enabled performance monitoring, and you still haven't seen any data.
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