Problems with newly created installation in own server

I've just installed Optitune Server to our own clean Windows Server 2019. I've changed the two lines in web.config to point to the server and changed Reporting Url parameter under Advanced settings.
Now when I try to create a new custom agent everything goes fine but after the build is ready the link points to, not our own host. Also is I try to click the link I get 404 error page. If I modify the link to use our own hostname, then the link works and I can download agent.
Also after the agent installation I have problems with the connectivity between agent and server. Should the agent connect straight to our server or does it use some of your proxies?


  • I also noticed that after I've created the agent there's errors in OptituneSystem.log:
    Error, AgentInstaller, 4/20/2021 5:06:30 PM, Missing ToolsDirectory 'C:\optitune\tools'
  • bravurasoftbravurasoft Redmond, WA
    It sounds like the agent installer was created after changing the two lines in web.config, can you go to the agent installer details page, click save and have it regenerate the agent installer? Also, make sure that the c:\optitune\tools folder exists. If it doesn't, you can copy it from the source zip file for installing the OptiTune server, or even just start over again on a clean copy of Windows Server 2019, and run the powershell script to install the server.
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