SentinelOne application deployment

Building an application deployment for SentinelOne. I have tried everything to get it working. I found the msi key and used that but nothing will allow for the distribution of this installer. I need to add the site key for this to work also. I had a script that worked with my previous RMM syncro and it deployed fine. Any help or pointers would be awesome.


  • bravurasoftbravurasoft Redmond, WA
    If you are having problems deploying it as an "Install Task", you could try just deploying it as a script task, if you had a script that worked previously. What you can do is package the installer files inside a .bvx file using the "CreateBvx.exe" tool, that is included when you download the package creator (from the Add Installer Task page). Then, upload this new .bvx file as a "companion package" for your script task, and the contents of the bvx file will be expanded into the script's directory before it runs. Or, your script can even just download and expand a zip file if needed.
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